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2016 21 Dinner gatherings

Instead of one dinner in New York, the 2016 21 Dinner will follow the same format as 2015, and we are helping to organize a series of small and informal “21 Dinner” gatherings in various cities this weekend.

These events are meant to be small local reunions and celebrations, not fundraisers, and no tickets will be sold. It is our hope that small groups will get together for dinner or a drink, whether with a group we have helped arrange or separately.

If you’re interested in joining one of these gatherings, please see our events page and email us at and we will update our reservations accordingly, and will email you details on Friday and include you on any update emails. If you do attend one of these gatherings or have already made arrangements to get together with friends on your own, please be sure to share the pictures and stories with us using @msgbfoundation and #21dinners2016.

We look forward to hearing about gatherings all over the country, with the hope that you take a moment – or a few hours — to think about George wherever you are.